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Main features

All the tools you need to succeed


Offer your educational content through flexible subscription plans, including weekly, monthly, or yearly options, to suit your students' needs.

One-to-One Teaching

Conduct personalised teaching sessions via video, providing one-on-one support and tailored instruction to meet each student's unique learning needs.

Live Streams & Webinars

Host live streams and webinars, both free and paid, to connect with your audience, share expertise, and create dynamic, interactive learning experiences.

Pay-Per-View Premium Content

Monetise your exclusive content on a pay-per-view basis, allowing students to access premium material and generating additional revenue for you.

Paid Private Messages

Engage with students through premium messages, offering personalised guidance, support, and insights to enhance their learning experience.

E-Commerce Store

Sell digital products directly through our platform, providing an easy way to offer resources, materials, and tools to your students.

Social & Community

Engage, connect, and grow your student community

Interactive Posts

Create free, premium, and subscription-only posts to engage with your students, and keep them regularly updated on new content and upcoming sessions.

Timeline and News Feed

Utilise an infinite scroll news feed to seamlessly share updates, announcements, new content, and important information with your students.

Explore & Search Teachers

Allow students to easily find and connect with teachers through our explore and search features.

Featured Teachers

Get featured in the top 5 teachers of the week, increasing your visibility and attracting more students.

Instagram-like Stories

Share short, engaging updates and highlights through Instagram-like stories to keep your students informed and engaged.

Marketplace for Digital Products

Sell digital products directly through our marketplace, providing additional resources and materials to your students.

Extra Features

Even more tools to supercharge
your teaching business

Beyond the core offerings, explore extra tools designed to protect your content and maximise your success.

Teach in English... Spanish... French... German... Italian... Portuguese... Russian... Ukrainian...

Knewio supports English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Ukrainian, connecting you with students globally.

High-quality visuals

Host beautiful live streams with Knewio

Engage students in real-time, enhance learning, and build stronger connections with dynamic live streaming sessions.

Knewio boosted my income by letting me offer English courses and live streams. Connecting with students worldwide has been incredible.

Emma, English Teacher

Loved by teachers worldwide

The platform of choice for passionate educators

Discover how Knewio has transformed teaching careers, helping teachers reach more students and increase their income effectively.

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Success Stories

What teachers are saying

Explore the experiences and success stories of educators using Knewio.

Before Knewio, I struggled to find ways to supplement my teaching income. Now, I offer exclusive English literature courses via subscriptions and engage with my students through live streams. The platform's flexibility allows me to connect with students worldwide, and I've seen my earnings grow significantly. Knewio has truly transformed my teaching career.

Mell English teacher

Knewio provided me with the tools to reach more students than I ever thought possible. I host weekly math problem-solving sessions and offer premium content on a pay-per-view basis. The analytics feature helps me understand what my students enjoy most, and the extra income has been a great help. It's a game-changer for any tutor looking to expand their reach.

John Math teacher

As a science educator, I needed a platform that could handle various types of content. With Knewio, I create detailed subscription plans and use live webinars to explain complex concepts. The built-in social network keeps my students engaged and allows for meaningful interaction. Knewio has made it easier for me to focus on teaching while also boosting my income.

Maria Science teacher

Transitioning to Knewio was one of the best decisions I've made. I can offer my history lessons through flexible subscription plans and host interactive Q&A sessions. The platform's ease of use and the ability to monetise my content in multiple ways has significantly increased my earnings. Plus, being featured in the top 5 teachers of the week brought in many new students.

David History teacher

Teaching languages online can be challenging, but Knewio made it seamless. I use the platform to offer personalised video sessions and sell digital language learning materials. The ability to engage with students through premium messages has been invaluable. Knewio's marketplace feature also allows me to sell additional resources, making my language courses even more comprehensive.

Sophia Language instructor

Knewio has completely changed how I teach art. I now host live painting sessions and offer exclusive tutorials on a subscription basis. The Instagram-like stories keep my students excited about new projects, and the timeline feature helps me keep track of all interactions. The extra income from selling digital products has also been a fantastic addition to my earnings.

Liam Art teacher
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Knewio is an edtech platform that allows teachers to earn recurring revenue by selling educational content directly to students.
Learn more about Knewio by watching our explainer video.
Anyone can teach on Knewio. You don’t need to have teaching experience. Our teachers are working professionals, experts, and subject matter enthusiasts. They are great at what they do and passionate about sharing their skills with others. Each has a unique background, perspective and teaching style.
You can teach any topic you’re passionate about! Knewio students are eager to learn from teachers who bring a unique style and perspective. To get started, it helps to think about what skills you’d be most confident sharing with others.
You can earn through subscriptions, 1-to-1 video sessions, live streams, webinars, pay-per-view content, selling digital products, and paid private messages. Set your own prices, keep 80% of your earnings, and withdraw via bank transfer or PayPal.
Signing up for a Knewio account is free and easy. Once you sign up, you can apply to be a teacher by following a simple process to get your account verified and approved. After that, you'll be ready to teach and monetise your educational content. Just visit our Sign-Up page to get started!
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